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With a career start in advertising, print has been a big part of my path. From catalogs to billboards, directing photoshoots, creating campaigns from concept to finish was always part of my role as an Art Director. I had the opportunity to see my work at Times Square in New York and the subway in Hollywood for Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Yogurtland gave me the chance to taste how sweet and fun work can be, while AwesomenessTV gave me some freedom and white walls to make their office more lively. For Universal Studios Hollywood, I had the chance to be the Art Director leading, within the Creative Director/Copywriter, their commercial, from concept to finish, from the location scout to color correction, approving and editing frame by frame. Virgin Production trusted me with their marketing reports and presentations. It is fundamental to understand that it does not matter how big or small a project is; all have a purpose and should find their best way to communicate.

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